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Honesty in Motion

by Scott Endsley

Released 2013
Released 2013
Folk, Folk Rock, Country Folk, Progressive Folk, Rock, Rock-a-Billy, Pop
I've been a songwriter most of my life. I'm heavily influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, and The Beatles. My music is reminiscent of these artists, but is very eclectic. Though these songs were recorded from 1977 to 1988, this album contains some of the best music I've ever written such as the title track, and my favorite song of all time, Tears Are Free. It opens with an instrumental piece called, A Painting In F#minor, and then begins one of the first songs I ever wrote: Big Bad Carol. And the album ends with a nonsense song called, Yes I Had No Coffee, which was recorded totally improv. These songs are all very different from one another. What you might dislike at first will begin to grow on you! Like the album before this one, Oblivion Highway, this collection is part of a trilogy of my old music from the 70's, 80's & 90's. The third Album, Winter, will be the final collection of old songs as well... Enjoy! Contributing background singers and musicians include Terry Gresham, Mark Wilson, Bryan Boyd, and David Anderson. Tammy Lowry Laughy Background Vocals on One Four One One. Album cover painting, Honesty In Motion © 2013 by Annie Haslam



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The New Album By Scott Endsley--- the third in a series of a collection of songs from 1977-1996 consisting of 23 new songs--- is available on this site to both listen to in its entirety and to download, on the Free songs page!...

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