fighting back

I, like many a dream, 

Have awakened to reality; 

The stark has come alive- 

Lackluster is the frequency 

Of each breath that I take... 

How does one continue in 

This masquerade of merriment, 

When bleakness resides beneath? 

Though trodden on be my soul, 

A brave resolve perseveres... 

Am I the epitome of stupidity, 

Or just synonymous to every 

Desperate soul in this world? 

Either way, world, you shall not 

Have your glorious victory! 

(C) 2021 by Scott Endsley

stubborn children

Though swiftly spinning time 

While defying a pending aging, 

We are caught up in our 

Own tangled web of deception- 

The inevitable pruning of life 

Is Reality's great handiwork... 

Like a tree once vibrant, 

Youth is but a vast memory; 

But though the years be swift, 

We remain stubborn children- 

For as to live is to die to fear, 

So we resolve to stare down 

The phantom walls of mortality. 

(C) 2021 by Scott Endsley

what is strength?

Strength can often be found 

In letting things go undone, 

Some scenarios, in fact, 

Require resignation over 

The weakness of obsession... 

Failure is only failure, as such, 

When something controls 

But doesn't complete us- 

Strength finds itself patiently, 

But doesn't demand of itself: 

It is the antithesis of brute force 

And synonymous to technique. 

(C) 2021 by Scott Endsley

the aftermath

Silence being chosen 
No words are ever given, 
Just a distant muddle of minds- 
So sad, even the moon 
Eclipses the only light of day 
Between knowledge & fear... 
Confusion is all that there is, 
That is not hopelessly gone- 
All but reoccurring regret, 
Not necessarily for things done; 
But for rejecting the only Hope... 
Souls drenched in a den of darkness  
By millions of tears from above

(C) 2021 by Scott Endsley

wake up!!!

Looking for a burning fire 

And I found it once in a speech...

Lackluster, the world is cold 

And indifferent: wake up! 

Entropy has entered your hearts, 

And humanity is running down, 

Brothers divided against Brothers...

Is the dream really coming apart? 

Well, I never been to the mountaintop, 

But I followed the one who had- 

Wake up, lest he died in vain! 

Unless we heed his words of love, 

His blood is on our hands, as well. 

(C) 2021 by Scott Endsley 


you remain

You had a smile 
That warmed the cold 
December mornings- 
I longed for it each day.... 
Though I hardly knew 
You, you were easy to know; 
A child and a woman,  
You were both innocence  
And a portrait of strength- 
I think of you so often, 
And often forget that time 
Has moved miles from then: 
For you are still in my heart.

(C) 2021 by Scott Endsley

self-induced lonliness

Self-induced loneliness- 
It's a process of stupidity... 
The only alibi I possess  
Is I had a lot of influences, 
But who among the dead 
Will testify on my behalf? 
I am my own allied enemy, 
The fool with the smoking 
Gun of deadly, self pity... 
My victims of circumstance, 
Casualties countless & vague- 
It hardly matters to them; 
Self-induced loneliness, 
A cowardly firebrand of slight 
Toward the totally unaware.

(C) 2021 by Scott Endsley

smart technology?

Smart technology is only as smart as it learns, supposedly. However, we find ourselves today instead adapting to it, instead of the other way around. We have all sorts of devices we have to talk "special" to, in order for them to understand us. The dog is training the master, in essence. Imagine being a patient in a hospital being carried by a "smart bot" to your bed, and you simply ask it, "Open the window, I need some fresh air." You'd be lucky if you weren't tossed outside the window, according to the bots understanding! We've got a LONG way to go with this so-called, SMART technology.... 


nature's paradoxical womb

A soil of manure and mire, 

Is where flowers often bloom; 

The unworthy births the grace 

Of Nature's paradoxical womb... 

Useless is so often deemed 

The unpleasant, yet were it not 

For the irritating grain of sand- 

A precious pearl would not be! 

What we deem debilitating 

Sometimes proves galvanizing, 

What we consider uncomely, 

Often fashions life's aesthetic 

Beauty we often take for granted. 

(C) 2021 by Scott Endsley

antithesis of time

Of the years of youth,

We were forever given

The antithesis of time; 

Sorrows were a memory 

Reveled as biting wine- 

The taste bittersweet 

But longed for again... 

Synonymous of song, 

As we age each year 

It replays in our mind; 

Even sweeter, a vintage 

Longed for, now devoid. 

(C) 2021 by Scott Endsley

for those who hate poetry

For those who hate poetry, 

I write this especially for you- 

Rhymes, metaphors & similies, 

And things like couplets too; 


Ya won't find them in this poem, 

No matter what you say or do- 

But I wrote this here little ditty 

Just for you complain, & poopoo... 


Some poems are short, some long, 

(I hope you know you're being ignored) 

But this poem is finally finished, 

Thank you so much for being bored. 

(C) 2021 by Scott Endsley