severed reality 

Revolving door forever spinning,
I don't know where to get off-
What is truth, this severed reality?
Trapped inside a circular maze
Of juxtaposed answers...
Every face, a stranger that knows me-
Yet I know nobody at all.

free fall of fear 

I've let go of everything,
However the chips may fall-
Too many roads ahead
To even know where I am;
Who is the man I've become?
Descending, the sky is safe,
A friend I am leaving forever;
I'm in a free fall of fear,
I dont know if I will survive-
But I have to find the ground

love magnet 

There will never be a day
When you dont pull
Love from my heart...

words are not enough 

You are a light in this world,
I saw it for myself-
I was in the darkness,
And you touched me with your
Sweet, sweet spirit...
I wanted to get so close to you,
You had what I did not;
You will always be so special-
I thank you for your kindness,
And I will always love you.

fight back 

I will not be bitter
No matter how hard life hurts-
I was never promised ease;
I will love when not loved,
And even serve those that hate...
This world will not decide
For me, how I should live!

counting days 

Each day passing
Is another goodbye-
Yet every tomorrow
Holds on to hope-


The human touch
Mends a broken soul-
It cuts through a calloused
Heart that no longer feels;
False guilt is a subtle one,
It has so many faces
It can't be easily recognized-
But grace changes people
When it is not just voiced,
But radically demonstrated.

God's little ones 

Touching the face of madness,
You can get a finger bit off!
Nevertheless, I am thankful
For once having been there & back-
God broke me open
And showed me other's pain;
Schizophrenics, manic depressives
Are his exceptional people-
While most of us are whiling in leisure,
They are daily fighting monsters...
They are God's gift to us
As stewards of his kindness.

life's hard 

I've been to the edge,
And I've fought my way back-
Formidable walls have crept around me;
Been told my legs were useless,
That I'd never walk again-
Depression has become a confidante...
But I've beat down those walls,
And stood up to the odds-
I'll walk through the darkness
As I've done so many times;
Life's hard until it gets harder,
At times life's up for barter...
You gotta decide what's worth living for!


I am a needy person
In a self sufficient world-
I dont understand its coldness...
I'm told I'm "Codependent."
If I understand its terms,
It suggests one who tries
To intervene, & rescue others;
Not to put myself on his caliber,
But wouldn't that make
Jesus Christ, codependent?
I think the world
Has forgotten its humanness...