a typical nineteenth century russian novel

Synopsis of a typical nineteenth century, Russian novel: A murder; 200 pages of dialog concerning the French aristocracy and the bourgeoisie; tragedy; everyone recovers; Napoleon threatens to invade Moscow but the peasants burn it to the ground; everyone resettles in St Petersburg; tragedy; nobody recovers; 300 pages of parties, good food, and vodka in the Kremlin, with more dialog about a possible peasant uprising; uprising occurs on page 965; uprising quashed on page 1102; a sister to the half brother of the czar is arrested for the murder that took place at the beginning of the book; the sister to the half brother to the czar is herself murdered in the gulag; the man who murdered the sister of the half brother to the czar in the gulag is infact, the son of the half brother of the czar, and did it as a favor to the czar because she threatened to expose their royal affair; the son dies mysteriously in the gulag with brain fever; finally, the book ends beginning on page 2017, with a 40 page soliloquy by the czar, lamenting he was ever born... and they all lived sadly ever after. (You can cry now.) 


dithering eyes 

Lost in a glance 

At a distance away, 

The years behind- 

They forever fade... 


Looking so deeply 

Into pools of eyes, 

Finding your soul- 

Hide, though it tries... 


I know you so well 

Though not at all, 

In a simple glance- 

From behind a wall... 

(C) 2022 by Scott Endsley

untold by poetry

Honey dripping 

From her eyes, 

Such a sweet stare-...


She was words 

Untold by poetry, 

Tried, though I dare...


She was to me 

A being of love, 

How could I possess... 


This one so dear? 

For she is as free 

As the love I confess...

(C) 2022 by Scott Endsley

so sad

Are you really gone 

From the grasp of tomorrow? 

Will I fall into yore, 

When all I knew was sorrow? 


You never knew me, 

Though I memorized your face- 

My soul drew you near 

And you slipped without a trace... 


It was all too good, 

Oh so bad the ache in my heart- 

Nothing could have 

Robbed this friendship its part... 


But so sad the song 

That plays and plays in my brain- 

You're gone for good, 

And the song will always remain...

(C) 2022 by Scott Endsley

moon song

Lovers neath her council 

Oblivious to all bother, 

Embraced in her shadow- 

The world in a fade... 


Such an alluring song 

As she watches over them; 


The night is her voice, 

And she sings of counting 

Falling fiery darts of stars- 

As they fizzle & fade... 


Hear her beckoning them 

In the glow of her sweet tongue. 

(C) 2022 by Scott Endsley

"set an alarm for 3"

I use Google Assistant a lot when I'm writing poetry (i.e., "What rhymes with 'superfluous?'"). But for some reason it doesn't understand me when I ask, "synonym for 'free?'..." It keeps saying, "Okay, your alarm is set for three o'clock." I tried it again several times, until I started screaming it! It's determined to set a doggone alarm... finally, I pressed Google again, and said, "Please just do it!!!" It said, "Okay, thank you." I gave up and took a nap, when, at exactly, "3 o'clock," an ALARM goes off!!! Smart phone, my foot!

it's only english

English is a very frustrating language... For instance, the words "Prove" & "Drove" are almost spelled identical, all but the first letter; yet the "O" is pronounced completely different in both cases. "Wound" is two different words, the same with "Read." "Can't" and "Cannot," "Don't" & "Do not," mean the same things and are known as "Contractions;" which are common with "Pregnant Pauses." And, of course, it is grammatically incorrect to begin a sentence with "And." There are no explanations for these strange oddities, we"re just taught all this when we learn to read all we've read. I think now I shall wind down for the night before the wind kicks up in the morning (which can also be spelled "Mourning," being a whole different... well, never mind).

where nothing else can reach

Music is its own language, 

Though all can understand- 

It speaks to hidden places 

Where nothing else can reach... 


It can make you fall in love, 

Or help you make a stand- 

It's a language that's innate 

That you need not try & teach... 


It can bring peace & change, 

Like no other medium can- 

It can change the hardest of 

Hearts, to open up & beseech... 


That humankind learn to love 

One another, woman & man- 

For music unifies all races 

Where nothing else can reach... 

(C) 2022 by Scott Endsley

the only thing to do

Back in my senior year of high school, I took a class in oral interpretation, through the drama department. I went to state contest that year, with a comedy sketch called, "The Begatting of a President." It took place in Moore, Oklahoma. About thirty minutes before I was to perform my piece, I was feeling really queezy and decided I needed to visit the men's room. With my mind preoccupied on the piece I was to perform, I walked into the bathroom and "sat down." As I was sitting there, I vaguely noticed that the stall was an odd color, pink. I thought no more about it, until someone else came into the lavatory with "unmistakably" high heels on. I then heard the "unmistakable" sound of a lipstick canister being popped open. I was in the WRONG place! I had only minutes before my performance, and this person was taking their time in front of the mirror. What to do??? Well, the only thing TO DO... I made myself proper, opened the stall door, and introduced myself (to the total shock of a middle aged, very attractive lady) and apologized, " I'm sorry ma'am, but you're in the wrong bathroom..." And walked out as swiftly as possible. By the way, I placed 4th in the contest.

live for today

Yesterday's wine 

Has done been drunk, 

You'll not regain 

Years that have sunk- 


Deep underneath 

The memories saved; 

Tis gone forever, 

Like ghosts of a grave... 


So live for today, 

You're life is a story- 

Whether for not, 

Or whether for glory- 


It's yours to be 

The very best of you; 

One life to live, 

And to oneself be true. 

(C) 2022 by Scott Endsley 


smells and tastes more like fresh peanuts

Back in the 1970s, commercials weren't as imaginative as today's, however, I honestly recall one night, in the middle of I don't know what program, rolling on the couch out of laughter, because of a mixup of two different commercials. A Pampers diaper commercial's video was playing, while a Jif peanut butter's audio came on, simultaneously. It started with a baby's behind being sat down on a diaper, while the audio was saying something to the effect, "Jif peanut butter, SMELLS fresher," By the time they came to the part about TASTING fresher, the video portion showed the baby being lifted out of a wet diaper. Suddenly the video froze, and the audio fast forwarded while the screen went blank. My dad and I just sat there for a minute, until he said, "Well, we won't be eating anymore of THEIR peanut butter, that's for sure..." I don't remember how long we laughed over it.